Duke Stigall - Lets Rock ft C-Scale

Duke Stigall - Let's Rock ft C-Scale
from Duke's The IntoDUKEtion Mixtape



The time has come again to give GOD thanks for all he has given me. I thank GOD for my family and true friends. I give HIM thanks for my health & strength. For being able to see another day when so many didnt get a chance to. I thank GOD for giving me the ability to express myself on these beats and deliver my message to the masses. I thank GOD.
Had a good time witht the fam 2day eating and socializing. Had a nice gathering at my cuz James's house. Ate good. Drunk good. Made sure I got a couple take home plates! Good times. Peep a few pictures below.




Jus My Thoughts #3

So im sittin in my room listening to "The Best You've Neva Heard 2", minus one track, in the dark. No distractions. Jus me & my musik. As it should be. First off I wanna thank GOD for giving me the talent that I have and allowing me a venue to express myself. Secondly I wanna thank all of the artists featured on the mixtape for allowing me the opportunity to work with them. And last but certainly not least I wanna thank my Hustle Musik team for helping me stay focused and keeping me on my toes with this rap shit. With this mixtape I hope to open the ears of people who may not kno who the fuck I am. Who might not ever think to listen to my musik. Or that I make musik altogether. I've been doing musik for as long as I can remember. Singin in church choirs. With my family at various church programs. Playing the drums for my church. Recording my first track freshman year of college at UAPB. Learning how to make beats. I started writing songs around the time I turned 7 years old and its been on ever since. If I had a better sense of reality when I was younger I most definitely would have joined the choir & band while in junior high & high school (I was in the school orchestra in elementary) instead of thinkin I was gon make it to the NFL playing football (5'9-260). Pipe dreams. I feel that would have furthered my musical ability quicker. Still tho, im not complainin. Like I always say, Jadakiss said it best, "Shit jus don't happen, shit happens for a reason." One day ill be exactly where I wanna be and ill be able to look back at the journey that I took to get there and it'll ALL make sense. Ill be able to see the whole picture. But until that time imma continue to press forward with life and my musik. "The Best You've Neva Heard 2" drops right here on http://www.hustlemusiknow.com/ on October 18, 2010. Be sure you download it and support #ArkansasMusik. I appreciate all the support im getting and I vow not to let any1 down. My word.


Jus My Thoughts #2

What's the deal folks? Checkin back in witchall. My mixtape "The Best You've Neva Heard 2" drops in 27 days on October 18, 2010. I got stupid features on there from Arkansas artists from all over the state. I'm makin it a mission of mine to try to connect with as many Arkansas artists as I can. We gotta show sum form of solidarity if we have any hopes of gettin put on as a STATE. Let's WORK!

As of right now "TBYNH2" has 15 tracks with the possibility of it being 16 if I get these last 2 verses in. And if I do get em in boooyyyyy yall better be ready cuz that track is a winner!! Whenever it gets released yall gone like it! I got sum heat I been workin on and I'm not gon keep it all 2 myself. I don't mind workin wit any1 as long as they got talent. Let's make it happen.

I would say musically that I have come a long way since I released my first solo mixtape "Married 2 The Hu$tle. Addicted 2 The Grind." on November 17, 2009. My selection of beats, my verses, and the overall quality of musik is better in my eyes. Some of my best work is on this mixtape but ill let you be the judge of that when October 18, 2010 rolls around.

But yea, these are jus my thoughts. Make sure you tell me what u think when u listen to "The Best You've Neva Heard 2".


Jus My Thoughts #1

So its Sunday, August 22, 2010 and im mixing tracks for "The Best You've Neva Heard 2". Its coming together nicely. At this point in time I have features from my HME team (ColdBlooded & Lil Derrty) as well as Duke Stigall, Big Drew, J-RoaE, Tony B, Tacticz, & Rockstar Ill Bill. Gotta few more collabs that im waitng on but I aint gon say no names till I gettem back in. I produced almost half of the mixtape myself and the other tracks are industry beats. Im getting my artwork done by my potna Mikel Holloway outta Little Rock (the cover down below is jus a preliminary cover I put together).

Dont have a set release date for the mixtape yet but as soon as I do ill be sure to let it be known. Also im workin on anutha mixtape as well while I finish up "The Best You've Neva Heard 2". Dont have a name for it yet but im brainstorming.

But lemme get back to work. "The Best You've Neva Heard 2" is on its way. If u wanna collab hit me up on twiter, facebook, or email me.

#ARKANSASMUSIC is on the RISE so be aware and pay attention....



This was the intro track off of The Best You've Neva Heard 2.

Im in the studio workin daily. The Best You've Neva Heard 2 is on the way...


Married 2 The Hu$tle. Addicted 2 The Grind. Mixtape Review

Go check the review of my first solo mixtape that I released November 17, 2009. Good musik is timeless. Here's an excerpt:

"C-Scale, a.k.a Brain Child's, 'Married 2 the Hustle. Addicted 2 the Grind' mixtape opens up with the intro “Who I Am,” giving a brief description of the afore-mentioned history. Yes, he is from the capitol city of Arkansas-Little Rock for those not geographically inclined, 22nd and MLK to be exact. Google it! If you didn’t know; you will know by the end of the mixtape that Arkansas is in his blood. The mixtape listens like a hustler /crack music manuscript; not tailored for the weak-hearted."

new musik coming soon.....